Our Leadership




PowerPlay Youth Academy is the brainchild of Director/Head Trainer, LaRon Hall who has benefitted from the love of basketball since his early childhood.  Being raised in South Central LA in the 1980s, LaRon witnesses firsthand the tragedies that plague inner city youth across the country.  The loss of his mother to domestic violence at the age of 7 left him in search of solace which he ultimately found in Basketball.  After a few years of playing around in the neighborhood, LaRon finally got the chance to advance to organized basketball in the 7th grade.


He quickly began his ascent from an AAU Travel Team to Varsity status as the only freshman on his high school team.  In the 11th grade, LaRon received a full scholarship to Blue Ridge Prepatory Academy, a distinguished boarding school in St. George, VA where he excelled as an All-Prep, All-State player and student.  Upon graduation, he earned a full Division 1 scholarship to San Jose State University in CA where he was a Big West Champion with his team in 1996 which led them to a spot in the NCAA Tournament.  LaRon graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work in 1999.  He has gone on to coach youth basketball, track and football ever since.


After 10 years of coaching and several years of dedication to our youth, LaRon is ready to turn his passion, utilizing the lessons of sports skills development training to help youth achieve greatness, into reality.  In 2013, PowerPlay Youth Academy was brought into existence.